Hair Colour At Home: The Ultimate Q&A

STELLAR PROMOTION: Schwarzkopf LIVE colour ambassador Lyndell Mansfield answers our burning questions about DIY hair colouring!

We’re all spending much more time at home right now, which means it’s the perfect time to pick up a new skill. But if you’ve ever feared colouring your own hair at home, then let us ease your mind with some expert answers to the most frequently asked questions by first time colour users. And having worked on the tresses of Florence Welch, Kate Moss, Beth Ditto, Jess Glynne and Paloma Faith to name but a few, who better than Schwarzkopf LIVE colour ambassador Lyndell Mansfield to guide us through the process?

Q: I’ve never coloured my hair before and I’m terrified! What’s your one piece of advice?

A: Apply your own life philosophy to it!

“You don’t have to be a wonder person. Some of us are afraid to cook and some of us can’t even put on makeup, but a lot of us are willing to give most things a go, at least once. Let’s face it, doing anything for the first time can be daunting or exhilarating. If you are someone who lives by the idea that you would try anything once and you’re prepared for the consequences, then go for it!”

Retouching roots? Schwarzkopf LIVE has a range of permanent colours from blacks to browns, to reds and blondes helping you find your perfect shade match!

Q: Picking the right shade can be tricky – how do I make sure I get the right one?

A: “These are my top three pointers you can use to make it easier!”

  • Determine your hair’s natural colour 
    • How dark or light it is 
  • Your hair’s existing colour and condition 
    • Is it heavily coloured or bleached? Is it a colour from which you can easily get your desired result? 
  • Your desired colour result. 
    • Is it achievable on the colour you already have, will it suit your skin tone, lifestyle and upkeep expectations? 

“Once you have an understanding of these points, it is a matter of you then being realistic and following guidelines on colour boxes or taking advice from the experts.”

Q: I’m isolating by myself – is there anything I can do to keep my colour looking fresh, or is a helping hand essential when colouring? 

A: “If you’re isolating with someone, of course, it would be great to get them to lend a helping hand. However, if you’re on your own, then there are a few things you could do to refresh or brighten up your existing colour without going for anything permanent that you may find to difficult to do yourself. 

First, decide if you want to Brighten it up or Retouch just the roots.”

  • Brighten It Up 
    • “Using a coloured shampoo can help to boost your colour and give it back some life. Silver shampoo will eliminate brassy tones that often happen when our bleach, highlights or high lift tints have aged. This is also great if you have freshly bleached roots. However, most people will be seeing a lot of their natural roots at this time and suddenly we find that our natural roots are very ash or cool which makes the ends look even more yellow. My fave go to Silver Shampoo is from Schwarzkopf LIVE because it’s got a great intensity to it but never leaves the hair looking too blue. It’s even nice on brown tones to cool them down. Then there’s Stay Bright Boosters in the LIVE range for those with brighter tones. Pink, Purple and Red.” 

  • Retouch the Roots 
    • “Maybe you want to simply retouch your roots at this time, but gently, only where the grey is showing? Just something to get you through. Using a smaller brush – a clean mascara wand or toothbrush for example, means you can apply a little colour in specific places, crown of the head, wings of the hair, base of the fringe or hairline and lightly brush the colour through to cheat a full root-regrowth application. Schwarzkopf LIVE has a range of permanent colours from blacks to browns, to reds and blondes helping you find your perfect shade match.”

Q: How long will a semi-permanent colour last?

A: “Semi-Permanent colour can last anything from 8 washes to 15 washes. It all depends on the colour you use; the condition of your hair; what heat you use on your hair; even the quality of water and shampoo you use will affect how long they last. Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights last 12-15 washes and come in a variety of great vibrant shades. The Pretty Pastels shades last for 8 washes.”


Q: Should I wash my hair before applying a semi-permanent colour?

A: “Most semi-permanent colours recommend washing your hair before using the colour. Always follow the instructions.”

Q: How do I ensure that my colour turns out evenly when I’m topping up my roots? 

A: “Take your time. Use a hand mirror to check and make sure you have plenty of colour to get a even result when you are topping up your roots.”

Q: After I’ve coloured, should I be using a different shampoo/conditioner?

A: “Coloured hair is much more sensitised than natural hair. So always use products that are designed for coloured hair to clean and care for it at home.”

Q: Any other tips for people wanting to keep their locks looking lovely during quarantine?

A: “My top tip for keeping your hair looking lovely at this time is – take some time to treat your hair and give it a break from day to day heat damage. Why not use a hair treatment masque like the one from Schwarzkopf Color Expert? Just leave the heat tools in the cupboard unless you really need a fix.”

LIVE is available nationwide at selected Dunnes Stores

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