Healthier Hair, Skin And Nails In A Month? We Put Perfectil To The Test!

STELLAR PROMOTION: Vicki and Valerie give you their verdict on the supplement!

Whether you’ve damaged your hair with heated tools or wearing a mask all day means your skin is not its usual glowing self, we can all do with a little bit of extra love and nutritional support right now. The Perfectil range promises to give your hair, nails and skin a lift, and now there’s another way to make sure you banish bad hair days. Yes, Perfectil Hair Gummies have finally hit shelves, making it easier than ever to get those nutrients in.

Among the 21 carefully selected nutrients are:

  • Biotin, selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.
  • Copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation
  • Also includes Amino Acids, Grape Seed extract, Horsetail extract and Co-Q10
  • Selenium which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair & nails
  • Riboflavin (vit. B2), niacin (vit. B3) and Biotin, which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.

STELLAR editor Vicki Notaro has been trialling the Gummies and gave us her verdict!

I’m a self-confessed hair extensions addict, and while I don’t see myself giving them up any time soon, I’m conscious that my natural hair remains strong and in good condition. So when I heard about Perfectil Hair Gummies, I was keen to see if they’d improve things. The first thing that struck me was just how easy they are to take. You just chew 2-3 every day after your main meal, and with their mixed berry flavour they basically taste like sweets, so I began to think of them as a mini dessert!
I have quite fine hair and would suffer from my fair share of breakages and weak strands. I love my heated styling tools which can cause damage. Over the month I tried the Perfectil Hair Gummies I noticed that while they weren’t a magic wand to fix any damage done to my hair, any new growth was noticeably stronger, thicker, shinier and less prone to breakages and split ends – music to my ears! Now, if only my roots weren’t grey!

Vickis Top 5 Tips for Healthier Hair

  1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Salon brands are generally better in terms of ingredients like amino acids and keratin. 
  2. If youre using a heated tool, use a protector spray on your hair. Otherwise its like tanning without SPF!
  3. I treated myself to a silk pillowcase and its done wonders for my skin and hair. No mad morning gruaig or pillow marks on my face!
  4. Wash your hair less often. Trust me on this! You never want to strip the natural oils from your scalp, so twice a week is plenty. You can last that long with dry shampoo, I promise.
  5. A good hair mask is a nice treat once a fortnight. Whether its shop bought or made from your fridge and pantry, your hair deserves the extra boost of TLC. 

STELLAR Deputy Editor Valerie Loftus tried Perfectil Original, here’s how she got on!

I’m surely not the only one who has been dealing with stressed-out skin over the last few months – breakouts, texture, dryness, I’ve had the lot. And now that I’ve added a face mask to the equation, there’s a whole host of new skin issues to deal with (hello, maskne!).

As listeners of our podcast The Glow Up will know, I’m obsessed with trying out new products, but Perfectil’s motto of ‘beauty from within’ really caught my attention. After about two weeks of taking Perfectil, my skin looked brighter and felt smoother, and I was suffering from fewer mask-related breakouts. Delighted!

My nails are definitely nothing to write home about, and I never have any luck in growing them out. However, after two or three weeks with Perfectil, they seemed to be growing quicker, and certainly looked stronger and healthier. Will I finally have the elegant lady hands of my dreams? I sure hope so.

Valerie’s Top 5 Tips for Healthier Skin & Nails

  1. Pare back your skincare routine. There’s so much on the market these days that it can be overwhelming, but a simple cleanser, hydrating serum, and moisturiser are great basics. After that, you can start adding products that tackle specific skin concerns, if you want!
  2. Wear SPF every single day. Even if you’re working from home and not leaving the house. It’s annoying to have to add an extra step, but you will thank yourself down the line.
  3. Resist the urge to nibble your nails! I’m a biter, but now that my nails are finally growing, I find that keeping them painted stops me from gnawing. Find a way that works for you and be strict with yourself – that ‘yikes, I bit too far’ pain is just not the vibe.
  4. Please take off your makeup before you go to bed. A double cleanse (with an oil or balm to remove makeup, and a regular cleanser to catch any other gunk) is the best for that squeaky-clean feeling.
  5. If persistent acne is bothering you, you absolutely can speak to a doctor about it. Even if it’s just a few painful spots a month – if they’re getting you down, it’s worth it.

Perfectil Hair Gummies and Perfectil Original are available from a wide range of Irish pharmacies and health food stores instore and online. Find out more about the full range at


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