Here’s Everything We Know About Suzanne Jackson’s New Fake Tan Range

Oh yes, it's happening.

As Ireland’s number one influencer, thousands of Irish women look to Suzanne Jackson for beauty and fashion inspiration.

Her SoSu makeup range has been a huge hit, so it’s no surprise that she’s now extending it to fake tan.

Rumours first started swirling about a SoSu fake tan this time last year – reports said she’d registered a company called Glowbelle which would be distributed by Sundrelle (the same company that distributes Cocoa Brown).

At the time, she told her followers that the rumours were ‘all sh*te’:

You guys will be the first to know about my tan and the name I’m going to call it when the time is right.

It appears that time has finally come, because Suzanne has announced that she will be launching her ‘luxury tanning’ range next week.

From this teaser, we can probably assume that the name will be something to do with ‘gold’ or ‘golden’? But that’s all she’s really giving away for now.

We’ve had a few sneak peeks at what the tan might look like over the past year – she stopped short of telling her followers what tan she was using on her holiday in the Maldives in April 2017, saying she’d be talking about it ‘soon’.

She shared another snap of her legs with ‘one layer of a developing tan’ a few months later:

If there’s anyone we’d trust to deliver a good fake tan, it’s SoSue. We’ll be watching on April 12…


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