Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Andrew Fitzsimons’ New Haircare Range For Penneys

The Kar-Jenners' hairstylist (and Dublin man) has created the products of his dreams.

Did you know that the man responsible for the Kardashians’ gorgeous, glossy locks is from Dublin?

Andrew Fitzsimons started doing hair in his native Ballinteer before moving to Paris and later New York, where his skills caught the eye of TV’s most famous family. He upped sticks to LA and became the go-to hairstylist for pretty much all of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, perfecting his signature waves on Kim, Kourtney and Kylie alike.

Now, he’s bringing his magic touch to us regular folks with a new haircare line from Penneys, which includes everything from shampoos and conditioners to hot tools.

Speaking to STELLAR ahead of the launch, Andrew said he was inspired by “being around women my entire career, hearing the their biggest hair complaints over and over again.”

With this in mind, he split the range into three different categories:

  • Shine, which is packed with Argan oil to give hair that rich-looking gloss;
  • Repair, containing Manuka honey and sweet almond oils to fight frizz;
  • And Volume, which is formulated with collagen to boost flat hair.

“The health and condition of the hair is the foundation of any hairstyle. I wanted all of the products to add to the hair, not take away,” Andrew tells us. “Whatever age you are, whatever hair texture you have, I want you to have your dream hair without having to worry about the price.”

Here are some of the key products from the Primark X AF range, available in Penneys stores nationwide from February 24.


Hair Oil, €4

Add shine to your locks with this oil, which will aid in both creating slicked-back looks and keeping frizz at bay. “It feels so luxurious and rich, and instantly makes the hair glossy and beautiful,” says Andrew.

Repair Hair Mask, €4

Nourish your hair with this gorgeous, deep-conditioning mask, which smooths and restores damaged hair to its healthy best.

Dry Shampoo, €3

Andrew was dead set on making a dry shampoo with an invisible formula that “everybody can use”, no matter what hair colour.

“I shaved my head about six months ago now, but before my hair was about 85% dry shampoo at any given time,” he reveals. “So for me to create a dry shampoo that feels like your hair is clean, not just masking oil with powder, was really important.”

Texture Spray, €3

This product is key in recreating Andrew’s signature beachy waves, combining the texture of a dry shampoo and the hold of a hairspray. Spray it on to achieve what Andrew calls that “sexy, rock’n’roll, Kate Moss hair”. Which is what we’re all after, TBH.

Volume Spray, €3

“Everybody remembers the days of the crunchy mousse,” Andrew says, but his Volume Spray is definitely not that. Spritz on wet hair and blow dry to add lift from the roots and an injection of Kardashian-esque glamour.


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