Here’s How Beyoncé’s Face Stayed On Throughout Her Incredible Coachella Gig

*takes notes*

While Beyoncé did not in fact change her nail polish during her Coachella gig on Saturday, she still performed a beauty miracle: Her makeup somehow stayed dewy, not sweaty, for the whole show. Our foundation can barely survive a day in the office. How, Bey?

Speaking to Elle, her makeup artist Sir John explained how he managed to keep her face looking perfect through what was essentially two hours of tough cardio:

I layer cream and powder for every stage. Cream and powder foundation, cream and powder blush, cream and powder eyeshadows and matte and cream lipstick. It’s the only way the makeup stays anchored through the day.

I don’t believe in excess powder, it’s super ageing. The key to a beautiful face is not to over powder it. If you layer powder and cream together it cooks perfectly and doesn’t budge.

“I also don’t use moisturiser on her skin before a big set or concert,” he said. “The moisturiser will lift the makeup, which we don’t want. For a big show like this, I use a primer to prep the skin.”


The next most striking element of the look was her eye makeup, with all of its subtle glittery goodness.

Sir John used glitter from cult favourite brand Lemonhead LA – the iridescent shade Houdini was put all over her eyelids (it looks AMAZING on camera), with the coppery-gold Dirty Penny layered over for a bit of ‘extra dimension’.

He finished it off with some MAC Blacktrack gel liner up top, brown kohl eyeliner under the lower lashes, and few coats of L’Oréal’s Lash Paradise mascara, which is all of €13.99 in Boots right now.

Jotting all of this down for our records. We may never be as beautiful as Beyoncé, but we can certainly steal her makeup tricks…


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