Here’s How Often You Should Be Washing Your Tanning Mitt

Psst. It's way more often than you think

An Irish gal and her fake tan cannot be parted. A match truly made in heaven, with no sunny destination hols on the horizon this summer, we’ve been lashing on the fake stuff like nobody’s business in recent months.

But, and we really do hate to be the bearers of bad news, it turns out that many of us haven’t been as kind as we should be to our fake tan’s companion, the tanning mitt.

By now, we’re all fully aware of how often we should be washing our make-up brushes, and although we ignore those guidelines, it’s still nice to know they exist.

Although we can get away with missing a wash or two with our brushes, turns out there’s not so much lee-way when it comes to our sacred little mitts.

In order to avoid a streaky tan and to get as much life span out of your mitt as possible, you should be washing it after every use – yes, every single use.


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Now, if you’re feeling a little rebellious, you could maybe stretch your washing to two uses, but experts warn that any more than that will leave you with less than ideal tan results.

So, how exactly should we be washing said mitts?

To share some good news, turns out we don’t need to waste our money on expensive products to wash our mitts, some good old fashioned soap and warm water will do just the trick. It’s advised to hand wash it as opposed to popping it into the machine so as to avoid it losing its shape.

After using some elbow grease to get your mitt squeaky clean again, you can dry it by squeezing out excess water and reshaping it while it’s still damp. Let your mitt air dry and it should be good to go by the next day.

Bronzey goddesses, here we come.