Here’s How To Clean Your Fake Eyelashes So You Can Actually Wear Them Again


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We all know people say false eyelashes can last more than one wear…but have you ever successfully reworn them without them looking a little crusty?

Usually when they are peeled off our lids at the end of the night and slapped on to our dressers, they are quite mangled and not in any shape to give that same flattering lift to the eyes. But we have just seen a video that could be a game changer…

Aideen Kate shared the video from her brand True Beauty’s page and well, it looks like magic!

The comments on the post had the same reaction as us, with one user writing, “This is brand new information 😮” and another saying, “This is amazing ❤️”.

How perfect do they look at the end? We need to try this after our next night out, which means we need an excuse to buy some lashes…

If you need some for your next night out, or to try this too, here are a few of our faves…

True Beauty By AK True Lash 

KISS So Wispy Lash 03

Kash Beauty Aurora Lash


Ardell Fashion Lash Demi Wispies False Eyelashes