Here’s The Exact Foundation Kim K Uses

It's a cult classic


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Being a pop culture fiend means that you not only follow every A-Z lister on all social media, from 2015 Love Island contestants to reality TV roaylty, you also follow all those in association with anyone who is anyone too.

Some of those people for me include all of Kar/Jenners and their glam squad. From Andrew Fitzsimons to Ariel, whenever a Kardashian insider drops some secrets about the family’s beauty routines, I most definitely sit up straight.

One Kardashian adjacent MUA recently shared her make-up secrets when it comes to Kim’s glam routine. Longtime makeup artist to Kim, Ash K Holm just posted a YouTube video where she recreated Kim’s David Letterman look on a model, and she let us in on some of the products she reaches for when painting Kim’s face.


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A post shared by Ash K Holm (@ash_kholm)

While most of the products she used were unsurprisingly from Kim’s own brand KKW Beauty, her choice of foundation surprised none of us but has got us adding to that cart asap.

Using cult classic Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, Ash said that the foundation is a safe choice for pretty much any skin type, “this is a dreamy foundation to use on anyone’s skin”.

Ash also went on to say that this foundation is a staple in most celeb MUA’s kit. If you’re not already sold on the foundation (I know I am) Ash goes on to explain how the base takes to skin, explaining that it “melts into the skin, it gives amazing coverage, but glides onto the skin and feels like a serum”.

If you want to know how Ash created the rest of Kim’s iconic look, check out the full video below. We can all be stunning for our next Zoom get together!