Here’s The One Place We All Forget To Apply SPF But Really Shouldn’t

*even* on cloudy days!


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By now we’re all well aware of the importance of wearing SPF (Even indoors yes, esp when it’s overcast etc etc) so we won’t bore you with the formalities.

However, while we’re all avid sunscreen appliers at this stage, there is one part of our bodies that we scrimp on the coverage.

I’m talking about, of course, the lips. While we lather up the face, neck, and everywhere else, we often don’t give our lips a second thought. Chatting with Allure, dermatologist Michael Swann says it’s paramount we look after our lips, especially during the summer months.

“SPF on the lips is important. Lips are actually a common place for skin cancers, and because the barrier function of the skin on the lips is less vigorous, these tumours can quickly behave more aggressively than the same tumours in other locations.”

Big yikes!

Of course, there’s also the added motivation to protect your lips against ageing also, with UV rays wearing away at our lip’s elasticity.

So, how should we be protecting those puckers? Well, a simply lip balm with SPF will do just the trick. As is the case with normal sunscreen, it’s important to remember to keep it topped up, reapplying it every hour or so throughout the day.

Here’s some of our faves.

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