Here’s What I Learned When I Stopped Wearing A Bra

What happened when I decided to release my girls from their padded prison.

Bras – remember when we spent our whole childhood and adolescence longing to own and wear one? Yeah, so then your mam eventually buys you a training one from Dunnes and by the time you are 21 you are already done with that crap. Well that is exactly what happened to me.

One lovely morning about a year ago I was in quite a rush to catch my train to college, and entirely forgot to put my bra on. Having got over the initial shock of feeling the gals bounce around under my top so freely, I soon came to realise just how liberating that sensation was. From that point on I then made an active decision to no longer wear a bra, unless absolutely necessary. Since my abandonment of bras I have discovered quite a number of things. Lemme share them with ya.

It’s comfortable af

We are all familiar with that magical feeling of taking off your bra after a long, hard day of being perfectly perky. However, when you don’t wear a bra, you experience that feeling all damn day. Gone be with the days of constantly adjusting your boobs to where they need to be, now they just do their own thang. Have I convinced you to ditch that bra yet?

Running for the bus will never be the same

Now, I don’t have big boobs, in fact they are virtually non existent. But my god can I feel those bad boys bouncing around when I need to run for any given reason. Running for the bus now consists of me holding my chest and announcing to my friends that ‘I can’t even’.

You become part of a club

Through leaving my bra wearing days well and truly in the past, I soon came to learn that I am now part of a very exclusive club, a gang, if you will. Okay, we don’t all wear leather and do nothing but discuss how much we hate men (although that would be cool), but I have come to understand that I am not the only 21st century gal to have chosen the free nipple life. The likes of Bella Hadid, Rhianna and Kendall Jenner are all doing the same. Tell me, who doesn’t want to be a part of that club?

You save $$$

Since growing our very own little tatas, we have all come to learn that covering them is not a cheap task. €42 for a bra from Victoria Secret? Would ya stop. Of course we have our old reliable Penneys to turn to when we are in need of some boob support. But as much as we all love you Penneys, your bras don’t last pissing time, resulting in us needing to spend a significant chunk of our money on new bras more often than we would like. This expense can be irritating, especially when you didn’t even choose the boob life. By ditching your bra you will save yourself a whole load of money, which can now be spent on more important things, like chocolate.

People will notice

Strange to think that there are legal and illegal nipples in this world we live in, isn’t it? Clearly these ‘illegal’ nipples not being covered by a millimetre of extra material is too much for some people to handle. Strange men will stare, older women will tut, but you know what, I firmly hold my two fingers up to all of these people. I will carry on freeing that nip because my comfort is a lot more important to me than other people’s opinion. #Empowered.

Nip slips can and will happen

It’s inevitable. No bra = the possibility of your nips making an appearance. It has definitely happened to me once or twice, but it really is no big deal. We all have nipples, let’s get over it. It makes a funny story to tell your friends too so no need to take yourself so seriously.

You will encounter the bralette

Ditching your cup bra will lead you to becoming acquainted with her much prettier, much friendlier sister, the bralette. Whenever an occasion calls for me to cover up ma boobies I will reach for a comfortable bralette. The perfect alternative for someone who is not a fan of all that padding and wiring which accompanies the traditional bra.

You wonder why you didn’t do it sooner

Now, I understand that for bigger breasted ladies burning your bras in a symbolic feminist act just may not be an option for you, and I feel ya, I do! But for the girls like myself who were a little less fortunate when it came to growing boobage, why not opt for comfort over style. It needs to be common knowledge that young girls don’t need to rush out and buy a bra the second they hit puberty. Where you choose to house your boobs is your choice, and I only wish I chose to house mine outside of a bra sooner.

Power to the women!


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