Here’s Why Your Foundation Looks Great One Day And Rubbish The Next

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Monday, flawless. Tuesday, not so much. Somedays your make-up looks perfectly airbrushed. Other days? It’s cakey, flakey and sliding off by noon. What gives? How can our foundation look perfectly great one day and perfectly horrid the next? We found out.

The weather

Irish weather can do a real number on your skin and we’re well used to seeing four climates in one day. That kinda inconsistency can wreak serious havoc on the way make-up sits on your skin. During a cold snap our skin can become particularly dry, while in sunnier climes sweat can mess up our skin’s oil production. The fix? Pull up your weather app, check the climate for the week ahead and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

You’ve changed the way you apply your moisturiser

How do you apply your moisturiser in the morning? Do you slap it on and apply your make-up over the top of it straight away, or do you rub it in and wait a while before your put on your foundation? Chances are, it differs from day to day, meaning that your foundation will look different depending on how long your moisturiser has had to sink in. Ideally allow it one minute to sit before you start applying your make-up.

Skin fluctuations

Those pesky hormones, eh? But hormonal fluctuations don’t just make us moody, they also cause our skin some major bugbears, like excess oil around your time of the month. We advise having two formulas; one for during and just before your period and one for the rest of the month.

You need to wash your make-up brushes

Yeah, we know, it’s a major chore, but if your make-up is suddenly looking dull then dirty brushes could be to blame. Chatting to Bustle celebrity make-up artist Rachel Wood explains “My number one mishap I see: women applying makeup with dirty brushes or old, unwashed sponges and then wondering why their makeup doesn’t look fresh, or even breaking out.” Make sure you wash yours with a mild soap and warm water at least once a week. Your make-up will look selfie-worthy – we promise!


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