Holly Willoughby’s Tip For Breaking In New Heels? Wear Them During Sex

We have many questions.

Every woman knows the struggle of trying to break in a new pair of shoes. They might SEEM like they’re fine during a little trot around your house, but then you go outside and immediately develop 17 blisters that make every step agony.

But how to you ensure that your shoes are fully broken in before you wear them out? Well, Holly Willoughby claims to have found the best way to do so: Wear them during sex.

In a recently-rediscovered interview from 2009, Holly explains that she often puts on recently-purchased heels in bed with her husband of 11 years, Dan Baldwin:

I love wearing new shoes during sex – and not just because it’s kinky. I have found the best way to break in new shoes is to wear them during sex. It’s become a sort of rule whenever I get a new pair of shoes. I always wear them in the bedroom – during the sex act – before I take them outside.

‘During the sex act’ – thank you for specifying.

We don’t like to poke holes in this, but Holly, how does it work? Are you doing laps around the room before getting down to it? Are you relying on your feet expanding as your body heat rises, thus stretching out the shoe?

It’s just not scientifically sound. Please, we need to know more before we attempt it ourselves.


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