How To Choose The Correct Sun Cream And Stay Properly Protected In The Sun

Reckon you can neglect sun care? Finding the perfect product could save your life - literally, so we've found out how to stay properly protected in the sun.

Shopping for sun cream be an out and out pain. We’ve lost count of the number of bottles thrown by the wayside cos the texture doesn’t suit, or it gave us spots. #boo. But one look at photographs of frequent tanner Tawny Willoughby, which went viral last week, and the devastating effects of skin cancer hit home. Her advice: “Wear suncreen and get a spray tan. You only get one skin so you should look after it.” Gulp.

skin cancer Tawny Willoughby suncream

And now that you know your UVA from your UVB, here are our tips and tricks on selecting and protecting.

1. Consider skin type

Choose your sun cream as you would a moisturiser – dry/sensitive skins need a hydrating cream while oily/combination complexions should stick with lotions. Sprays and powders, though super handy, have mounting concerns surrounding their safety as they can be inhaled. Whatever you decide, it’s best to go for a 5-star, broad spectrum SPF50 formulation.

2. Take your pick

Both physical and chemical barriers are similarly effective at protecting skin from the rays of Helios. The only difference is their method of defence – physical sits on the skin’s surface like a molten bodyguard while chemical goes deeper, burrowing down through those epi-layers. Generally speaking, personal preference and skin type rule selection.

3. Apply here

Mary Poppins was talking sugar, we’re talking sun cream. A teaspoonful for the face and each arm; nearly two for each leg, your back and torso. Active Annies playing sports and sweating, or sun loungers like ourselves who like to bathe, re-apply every two hours please.

4. Keep it cool

Store your sun cream away from direct sunlight and buy a new bottle each year. If you’re using the recommended amount, you’ve no need to worry about expiration dates or old bottles gathering dust in the bathroom.

5. The Shield

To pimp up yo’ protection, don’t forget sunglasses and a floppy hat; stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm, chow down on extra portions of fruit and vegetables and take an anti-oxidant supplement to give skin added armour against free radicals.

6. Removal

Sun cream gets a bad rep as a breakout bully. Thorough cleansing is paramount, double cleaning is ideal.


Pic credit: CNN