How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, According To A Hair Stylist

Not ready to fork out for hair extensions just yet? These expert-approved tips might just help you add inches to your locks.

Thick healthy hair

#Grr. Your hair has been stuck at the same old length for months now and you just can’t seem to get it to grow any longer. “It’s the health of your hair that’s important when you’re trying to grow it out,” explains senior hair stylist Julie Stubbs of Headrush Hair and Beauty. “Realistically, shampoo, or anything you apply topically isn’t going to make a difference.”

Julie recommends you try these instead…

Dry scalp massage

This is a quick trick that will take only 10 minutes a day. Using firm movements, and on dry hair, massage the scalp in a circular motion. “This stimulates the blood flow to your scalp aiding nutrients to get to the hair follicle quicker,” explains Julie. And more nutrients in the hair follicle equals thicker, healthier hair.

Improve your diet

Sorry, but packets of Tayto and double chocolate brownies are going to have little effect on your hair health. Instead, you’ll need to up your protein intake. “Hair is made up of protein so you’ll need to eat more of it,” explains Julie. “A lack of Iron can also cause hair loss, so you should aim to include more of it in your diet. Oily fish is great for your hair health too cos it’s packed with omega 3, which is great for keeping the hair strong and shiny.”

Don’t be harsh on your hair

Your locks need love if you want them to grow. That means avoiding any harsh chemical treatments, and heat styling less often. (Be sure to use a heat protector when you do!) “Stress is a big factor in the health of your hair too,” says Julie, so if you’re finding that your hair just won’t grow, that may be the culprit.

Try supplements

Still not noticing a difference in the length of your locks? Julie recommends using Spirulina. “It’s loaded with protein,” she explains. “I add a little to my smoothie in the morning to keep my hair strong and support growth. I’ve also heard rave reviews about a supplement called Hair Finity. It’s made of vitamins that support hair growth and Kim Kardashian is a big fan.”