Hungover? This Concealer Trick Will Fool Everyone (Even Your Boss) Into Thinking You’re Wide Awake

a pair of comedy glasses with bloodshot eyes

Dying today? Don’t think you can face the office but you know you’ve really gotta? We’ve all had fantasies of donning a pair of those comedy glasses with the eyes painted on the front and then zoning out for a few hours, but we think our eagle-eyed bosses might notice. Dang.

Concealer is a woman’s best beauty buddy.

So we’ve had to adopt another strategy: concealer. This really is a woman’s best beauty buddy, camouflaging what no other beauty product can and masking the signs of even the funnest night out.

But you can’t just apply and go. Concealer is not without its own set of rules and tips ‘n’ tricks you need to know to maximise its many benefits. So, here’s what we’ve learned to hide our hungover faces. Thank us later. Maybe not with a drink.

4 concealers that are great for under the eye

1. Choose a fluid formula

Why? Cos it’s highly likely you’re dehydrated to the max right now (sip lots of water and if you can manage it, get a green juice into you as well) and that means tight, irritated skin that won’t accept heavier, cream products. Plus, finer, fluid concealers play better under the eye where the skin moves a lot as we blink, smile – and yawn (you’ll be doing a lot of that today) – so they’re less prone to cracking as the day goes on, giving you an even more wan and tired appearance.

Here’s what we’ve tried, tested and love.

  1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, €8.99, at chemists.
  2. NYX HD Concealer, €6.99, Sam McCauley chemists.
  3. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, €28, at Brown Thomas.
  4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, €6.99, at chemists.

Brightening highlighters like YSL Touche Eclat really come into their own on a day like today as well, bbz. Scroll to see how to get the best use out of yours.

where to apply concealer under the eye for best effect

2. Know where to apply it

This one’s simple, surely? A swipe under the eye, and Bob’s your uncle? Not hardly. The best way to conceal dark circles and redness – plus evidence of a late night – is to brighten all around the entire eye area. So for that, you need to know about the concealer triangle trick.

Draw on a triangle of product under the eye area (not too close to the lashline, as you should ideally blend or tap up for a seamless transition), as opposed to a swipe just below. Give it a go – you’ll see a face-improving difference. Promise.

3. Tap and blend, don’t smear

Swiping liquid product about just displaces it. Buffing or tapping it into the skin keeps it there for longer – and provides far better coverage. Don’t believe us? Watch the video above, from YouTube supremo Wayne Goss, who lays it all out, and see for yourself.

So, have we revolutionised your concealing habits? Did you fool your boss? Let us know below!