If You Find Zara’s Website Difficult To Navigate Then You’ll Love This Best Bits Page

All the best selling pieces in one place, talk about ideal.

If there’s one thing we learned during the pandemic, it’s how much we miss seeing and trying on Zara’s clothes IRL.

The retailer’s website is nothing short of a brain teaser and this was certainly made apparent during the multiple lockdowns when shops temporarily closed, leaving us with no choice but to browse the fashion giant’s bits online (or I mean, not shop, but who are we kidding, right?)

From viral memes to hilarious jokes, it seems as though everyone has felt the same way in regards to navigating Zara’s website over the past couple of months, flipping their laptop screens and squinting their eyes to try and imagine the clothes in *normal* circumstances.

But, fret no more, girlypops. We’ve got a fabulous solution to the temporary problem and well, it comes in the form of an Instagram page.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss the best bits that Zara has to offer without having to give up your day job to voluntarily trawl through the website morning, noon and night, then @zarastreetstyle is for you.

The page consists of all Zara’s latest stock, as spotted on fashion lovers, influencers and some celebs, and includes the codes on where to find them online.

Talk about handy?

We road tested it out for ourselves and it works like a charm when browsing Zara here in Ireland with all the codes matching up to pieces on the website.

Yep, it’s going to be a blessing and a curse, but certainly a nifty tool for those of us without an abstract eye when it comes to figuring out Zara’s website. Hurrah.