I’m Sorry To Report That High Heel Crocs Are Now A ‘Thing’

Can someone please explain how we got here?


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Crocs resurgence in 2021 was as unprecedented as everything else that the past year has thrown our way. We didn’t see it coming but it spread like wildfire and it became a serious talking point.

Yes, ugly shoes have been having their moment for years now – with a lot of the resurgence down to Balenciaga making the “geography teacher” shoe cool again with their 2017 Triple S trainers, Yeezy sending everyone gaga for thick foamy slides to of course, Bottega Venetta giving your Electric Picnic welly of 2012 a new lease of life. Ugly shoes have been the “it shoes” for years, but we never thought 2021 would be the year of the Croc.


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Who do we have to thank for it? Well, it’s predominately down to Crocs smart marketing, like every brand, they teamed up with celebs, the likes of Diplo and Justin Bieber to really sell the shoe and market it to the masses, but the most shocking surprise for everyone was the love and respect the shoe has been getting from the Gen-Z army on TikTok, one which the brand really has to thank for because they’re certainly the driving force behind the sales, with #Crocs serving us over 1.9 BILLION mentions on the viral video app.



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Millennials turned their noses up at Crocs, but the Gen-Z’s are here for the orthopaedic shoe proving they pave the way with fashion because like every trend, the more people who see it, the more that become accustomed to it and before you know it, the more popular it becomes.

Now, hopping on the Croc bandwagon and seeing how far this trend can REALLY be stretched, Balenciaga, “the don” of ugly shoes if you so will – has teamed up with Crocs again, the first time was back in 2017 when they debuted platform Crocs – to create a CROC WITH A STILETTO HEEL.

Like, really?

The shoe which is known for it’s comfort is now getting a razor sharp skinny heel and is set to be flogged for hundreds in this new collab.

From the first look we’ve got, the colours, in my opinion, are putrid. We’re talking bottle green and black, but the worst part of all is the fact that these will be bought, because that’s fashion, apparently.

Yes, there’s a part of me that thinks this is a sign that my 27-year-old cheugy ass is failing to keep up with the trends. Maybe, aside from the odd grey hair, this is the first red flag that I’m ageing and next I’ll be saying things like “that’s hip”.

Is this how my mother felt when I forced her to buy me Uggs for my TY school trip? Potentially.

But regardless of my inability to reverse time, I think I need to stay true to my word. My word being that I’ll never get on the Crocs bandwagon. Original, platform, Justin Bieber inspired and certainly not with a heel for the club.