I’m Useless At False Lashes So I Gave The Magnetic Ones A Go!

I had them on for a solid ten hours on a Saturday night - the ultimate test!

I gave up on false eyelashes a very long time ago. I was never their biggest fan, and only really wore them for weddings, big parties and extra-special nights out.

I find them so tricky to put on, and always end up ruining my eye makeup after accidentally getting glue everywhere or fixing them too much. Even when they do sit on my eyes (with the help of a more talented friend) I just find them itchy and heavy and can’t really forget about them weighing down my lids.

While most of my gal pals opted for fluttery falsies on a Saturday night my only option was to layer on whatever version of my favourite €30 mascara I had in my makeup bag.

But then I saw an ad on social media for magnetic lashes and they seemed absolutely too good to be true, but hey, they’d be worth a try.

There are quite a few on the market, including the ones with two sets of lashes for each eye which are meant to stick together. I’ve heard so many people say they didn’t work for them, so I figured the ones with magnetic liner would be better.

I was sent a pack of Lola’s Lashes and opted for the Sapphire ones, which are the more natural, simple ones, with a boost in volume and length, as I thought this would be best to start with.

They also come in three other options, Diamond (a step up in volume from Sapphire), Ruby (layered and feathered), Rose Quartz (new, natural look).

So, how do they work?

The lashes come with a bottle of eyeliner, which is magnetic, while the lashes come dotted with small magnets. It’s pretty much that simple. I’m sure there’s some science to magnets that I could explain but I haven’t done science since my junior cert, so I won’t.

How do you apply them?

As with all false lashes, they are too big for my tiny little eyes, so I measured them up and cut a litte bit off so that they would fit better. It’s easy to match the size with the second lash as I cut the length of one magnet off each.

So after doing my eye shadow and brows, I nervously and carefully began to apply.

I was nervous because I wasn’t in the mood to do my makeup again, but as it was just like normal liner, there wasn’t much worry about.

The liner is thicker and gloopier than most liquid liners, but once you clean it off the edge of the bottle, you have enough product to use. I drew a line across my lid like I would with my normal liquid liner, and waited about a minute.

It’s recommended that you wait a minute or two but apply the lash when the liner is still wet looking.

So when the liner still looked glossy, I placed the lashes on with my hands (tweezers may have been even better) and they pretty much sat where they were meant to! I pushed it into place just a little to sit where I wanted them and fluttered my lovely long lashes in shock!


I was less nervous about the second lash and popped it on with ease.

Unlike many lashes, I didn’t feel them weigh me down or scratch my lids and didn’t even have to fix them as the night went on.

I put them on at about 6pm and took them off closer to about 4am. So it was a solid 10 hours of wear, without the need to pull them off (which I have done with falsies in the past!).

When it came to taking them off, it’s effortless and is as simple as taking a magnet of your fridge.

They provide a cleaning oil which is natural and non-irritating, with which you gently clean off the eyeliner.

Be warned though, the oil is for your own eyelids only and shouldn’t go near the lashes, as it could damage the magnets.

Another way that they trump original falsies is that they are pretty much clean when they come off your lids and just need a little clean with any non-oil makeup remover.

The verdict.

I have been converted into a magnetic eyelash fan and can’t really imagine using the glue ones again. I was so surprised by how easy they were to apply for someone like me who is genuinely useless at anything like this. If you can draw a line of eyeliner on your lid, you can use Lola’s Lashes.

The kit is currently €39, which is obviously more pricey than most false lashes. But that’s the full set with the makeup remover and magic/magnetic eyeliner. You can then buy any variation of the lashes individually for €22. For me, it’s worth it as someone who has never successfully applied false lashes before, and also worth it for the fact that they didn’t irritate my eyes.

If you’re useless as false lashes like me, but would love to be able to do them yourself, I’d strongly recommend these ones.

Check them out here.

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