Insta Creep: 16 Behind-The-Scenes Posts From The Met Gala Last Night

Jared Leto's 'head' was everywhere.

No one’s SUPPOSED to be taking pictures inside, but of course they all do. Here’s a peek of what went on after the red carpet at the Met Gala last night.

Here’s what was waiting for the attendees when they got inside

25ft tall flamingos, made of 30,000 flowers. The flamingo theme continued on to the table settings.


This is very important. You can’t have a night dedicated to camp without Cher. (Thank you Gwen Stefani for documenting it on Instagram.)

Ciara and Serena Williams took a forbidden bathroom selfie


Bold girls.

Katy Perry changed from her chandelier getup into a giant burger costume, and J Lo was… not impressed

I can’t imagine J Lo eating a burger, much less dressing like one.

But Jennifer did enjoy the cake, you’ll be pleased to know


How much did she enjoy A Rod sticking a camera into her face mid-bite, though?

As well as the kompany of Kim and Kanye

Jared Leto knocked great craic out of his extra head


He literally had the waiters serve it up on a silver platter.

Everyone had a go of it

That’s Amazon founder Jeff Bezos there beside Kendall Jenner, looking uncomfortable.

Harry Styles cuddled with Julianne Moore…

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I’m not in this picture but it’s still good

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…And hung out with his rumoured ex Kendall Jenner

They hosted an after party together, apparently. No bad blood there so.

There is an extremely important photo of J Lo and Celine Dion floating around out there


We don’t recognise the two people who nabbed them for a photo, but we applaud their tenacity.

The Louis Vuitton gang all crammed themselves into a lift

Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas, Jennifer Connelly, Robyn, Laura Harrier, Justin Theroux… there are too many people in that lift. We’re getting nervous.

Lizzo got a pic with everyone which is honestly me AF


You have to shoot your shot, you know?

A pop girl sandwich happened



Karlie Kloss’ husband Joshua Kushner ended up donning Katy’s burger

We wonder how many other celebs wore it over the night.

And Ashley Graham and Mindy Kaling played with props

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“No phones” ? #MetGala

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No one can resist props!


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