This Irish-Made Bath Bomb Can Help Take Off Your Scaldy Fake Tan

Is this the answer to all our tanning woes?

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Having a gorgeous, glowing tan is always a game changer. But when it comes to removing old tan, it’s easily the worst part of the whole process. There are endless products to help with the charade, from leave on mousses to exfoliating scrubs, but there’s still a lot of scrubbing and twisting needed to get that stubborn old tan off. Now, you can treat yourself to a bath bomb that removes fake tan in just ten minutes. Yep, you read that right. Now all you have to do in order to say goodbye to scaley tan is relax in the bath. Dreamy!

If you’re an avid tan user, you’ve definitely thought of how amazing this would be, when you’re trying to summon the energy to go through the rigmarole of tan removal. But the founders of Lusso Tan have transformed our dreams into reality. Three Belfast sisters, Lynsey Bennet, Leah White and Sarah White, are the brains behind the Lusso Tan brand. Together, the trio own The Secret Day Spa, as well as the tanning brand. Their tanning expertise stems by delivering around 50 spray tans a week in The Secret Day Spa.

Instagram @lussotan

The Lusso Tan website explains all the goodness of the bath bomb: “Like all our Lusso Tan Products, The Bath Bomb has been designed to repair and protect the skin. Avocado Oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids excellent for moisturising. Lemon Essential Oil’s high vitamin content boosts immunity and rejuvenates dull complexions. Witch Hazel & Jojoba Oil both have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and keep the skin calm and comfortable.”

After just ten minutes in the bath, you’ll start to see your tan soak off, plus the whole bathroom will be filled with the gorgeous lemon and grapefruit scent. Although Lynsey, one of the tanning trio, does recommend giving your skin a quick exfoliation afterwards to remove any dead skin cells. But the whole experience sounds as if it will undoubtedly be a lot more luxurious than the seemingly endless scrubbing that us fake tan fans usually endure.

The sought-after bath bomb is selling for €10 per pop, but you can get at least two soaks out of each bath bomb. We’ll take anything that makes tan removal as easy as a relaxing soak in the bath! You can try out the bath bomb for yourself right here.

That’s the gal’s Christmas presents sorted!


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