Is Hair Tapping The New Summer Hair Trend?

Summer of self care!

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin

What is hair tapping you may ask? The clearest explanation is that it’s a massage on your scalp with tapping movements, that can be practiced during the shampooing ritual.

Scalp massaging along with hair care rituals has become extremely popular in recent months as a method of boosting hair growth, especially for people who have fine hair or who are experiencing hair loss.

This kind of movement involves tapping lightly with your fingertips on the scalp while shampooing to stimulate blood circulation.

Lightly massaging your head on a daily basis can have plenty of benefits, and some small studies even suggest scalp massages can boost hair thickness and growth.

Photo by Christopher Campbell

The term tapping originally refers to an emotional release technique based on acupuncture principles which targets specific points of the body, this can stimulates blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage.

‘Many Addicts’, the digital community dedicated to hair care created by Kardashian stylist, Jen Atkin, already spoke some time ago about the benefits of this movement. They recommended doing it dry but with fingers soaked in some citrus essential oils, making gentle movements but at a relatively fast pace.

“It is important to press lightly to drain the scalp, which is as much an extension of our skin as our nails,” she concluded, referring to the benefits of stimulating the scalp tissue as a further step in scalp care.

The drumming of your fingers against the surface of your scalp, like with all gentle methods of scalp massage and probing, is intended to stimulate blood flow and circulation, alleviate tension, and to help the absorption of any of your hair lotions or potions.

Why not give it a try this summer and treat your scalp to a little TLC?