Is This The Must-Have Festival Hair Of 2022?

Obsessed with this!

We are always on the lookout for an upcoming trend that we can inform you about to get on top of what’s hot.

Especially coming up to festival season we love getting ideas for outfits, hairstyles and makeup that we can share with our lovely readers so you can get all the inspo you need.

Having binged the new season of Selling Sunset as well as being stuck into the pics of Little Mix as they approach the end of their tour, we think we may have just spotted the perfect hair for a festival this summer.

Rhinestone ponytails are about to take over, watch this space!


We first spotted the look on Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn who rocked it in the first episode of season five and right away our minds started to think about when we could create a look around this hairstyle.

It’d be ideal for day three if you’re camping, just slick back your hair that’s no doubt greasy and sweaty, tie it in a tight high pony, let your locks flow at the back whether they are curly, waved or straight and stick on some rhinestones over the top.

So simple yet super chic and cool, and if you wear it on day three you won’t have to worry about picking out the rhinestones and fixing the hair the next day, just head home to your nice warm shower!

We’ve also seen this look on the Little Mix girls during their Confetti Tour and even their hairstylist knows what’s up, posting to his stories, “There should be more sequins in ponytails”.


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And before you think it, yes, the stones might fall of throughout the day, but if your hair is slick enough it should hold them all long enough for pics at least! Bring a sheet of stick-on stones to replace them if you want to, but after a while no one will notice your hair anyway!

Rock it while it’s there gals, we can’t wait to see the look!


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