“It’s All Gone Badly Wrong”: Marissa Carter Shares Devastating Cocoa Brown News

"I want to say I'm really sorry... I'm so disappointed."

Marissa Carter took to Snapchat last night to tell her followers about an upsetting blow to her company, Cocoa Brown.

She began by saying, “Every now and then in manufacturing things go wrong, or don’t go according to plan, or go horribly wrong.

“The last couple of weeks, I’ve been snapping and the Cocoa Brown team have been working really hard with the press to make sure that everyone knows that the Cocoa Brown 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar is going into stores, but we have a major problem.

“Things have gone badly, badly wrong. I’m a firm believer that when things go wrong you’re better off admitting it and telling your customers what’s happened.

“So what’s happened is, we received our first batch of Cocoa Brown calendars and they’ve all gone out to stores in the last three or four days. So anyone who’s preordered the calendars has received the stock. But that’s it.

“It’s a long and painful story what happened with the manufacturers, but basically the long and short of it is, the guys who made the products for us can’t make any more, which means we’re not going to have enough stock to re-fill the stores that have the Cocoa Brown calendars.

“Each Cocoa Brown stockist got about 10 calendars per store, and that’s it. So if you do fancy getting your hands on one, get it when you see one because we don’t have anymore. Not all stockists have the calendars either.

“And even though what happened with the manufacturer wasn’t my fault and was completely out of my control, I want to say I’m really sorry to Cocoa Brown customers, because I know there’ll be people disappointed that they cant get their hands on the products. So I’m sorry. I’m so disappointed.”


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