Khloe Kardashian And Her BFF Malika Are Releasing A Makeup Collection

It looks GORGE.

Khloe Kardashian and her best pal Malika seem to be thick as thieves, and now they’re taking their friendship to new heights with an unexpected makeup collab.

The BFFs have teamed up with massive makeup brand Becca to create a limited edition collection that promises to help you “unlock your best glow”. Interesting.

Announcing the news on her Instagram, Khloe said, “finally, I can reveal my secret project with my BFF @ForeverMalika! This is our very first collab together and I’m so blessed to have this moment in time forever with my BFF!! We’ve partnered with @BECCAcosmeticsto create the Limited Edition #BECCABFFs collection – the perfect product pairings to unlock your best glow✨”

The collection includes two face palettes containing 2 blush shades, 1 highlight and 1 bronzer. As well as the palettes, there are also 2 shades of nude lipstick, 2 shades of red and a pot of ‘bronzing balls’. We haven’t seen those things in ages!

We hope the gals do some swatches of the products because it’ll be really interesting to see how the shades look on their very different skin tones. We can tell from the campaign imagery that it looks stunning anyway.

You’ll be able to shop the entire collection on CultBeauty in January.