Kylie Jenner ‘Surprised’ Fans Live On Snapchat Last Night – But It REALLY Didn’t Work Out



If you’re a cosmetics junkie, you’ll no doubt know that Kylie Jenner has just expanded her make-up mini-empire to include an eyeshadow palette.

A beautiful eyeshadow palette, at that:

The Bronze Palette #kyshadows

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Launched last night, sales of the Kyshadow Palette start this evening at 11pm Irish time, but a few fans Stateside have already gotten their hands on one. How? Well it’s all thanks to Kylie, who staged a Snapchat ‘surprise’ yesterday to hand-deliver the palettes to some of her California superfans.

In theory, that sounds pretty cool to us, but unfortunately for poor Ky, some fans just didn’t seem to *get* what was going on, especially because Kylie didn’t exactly linger long enough to explain.

Yes, this girl did seem chuffed when Ms. Jenner showed up at her door:


But there were awkward hugs with this one:


And this woman seemed a bit stressed out at the fact that her idol was showing up at her workplace, and barely stopped to give her a hug before getting back to her shift.


Maybe she’s just a really dedicated employee?

Then there was the über-awkward stop at the DASH store (owned by the Kardashian clan, doncha know) for some meet-n-greets with fans who, again, didn’t seem too bothered.


Not exactly the reaction Kylie (and her press team) were hoping for, we reckon. Of course, it really doesn’t matter a tap how the Snapchat ambush turned out, because if Kylie’s previous cosmetics launches are anything to go by, the Kyshadow palette will sell out in seconds. So if you’re keen to get your hands on one, you had better set that alarm…


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