Lady Amelia Windsor – Here’s Why Prince Harry’s Cousin Is Our Ultimate Style Crush

I'm not a regular royal, I'm a cool royal.


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While everyone is waiting and anticipating the release of Finding Freedom, the latest book on the royal family, with a specific focus on Prince Harry and Megan Markle, their departure for the royal family and the intense media frenzy that followed their every move, we’re paying particular attention to another royal we’re loving at the moment. One that luckily doesn’t have the same pressure or spotlight but is certainly important to note, especially for her impeccable fashion sense; Lady Amelia Windsor.

A little introduction to the royal in case you don’t know her, Lady Amelia Windsor is a cousin to Prince Harry and Prince William. Her grandfather is the Duke of Kent, who is first cousins with Queen Elizabeth II.

Lady Amelia Windsor currently stands at 37th in line to the throne, but life as a royal isn’t what Amelia is striving for, keeping away from ceremonies and many royal events, Amelia is now building a life for herself as a model. Walking the runway for brands like Dolce And Gabanna as well as recently gracing the pages (and cover) of Vogue Italia, Lady Amelia Windsor is not only paving the way for herself in the modelling stakes, but she’s also growing her following for her incredible style.


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Notably keen on runners and dresses, Lady Amelia loves to mix feminine silhouettes and pretty prints with more edgy, street style accessories.

Attending red carpet events in runners and dresses, we love her take on smart casual and how her looks still have dressy elements even though she’s focusing on comfort.


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Want to steal her steal her style? Lady Amelia is all about the “off duty” model look and given the fact she actually is a model, the 24-year-old probably achieves these looks with ease. Want to do the same? Here’s the basics of creating one of her looks.

1. Slip midi dress 

Lady Amelia is all about unique and quirky prints with lots of colour.

& Other Stories dress – shop here

2. Chunky runners 

She might be far from taking the throne, but Amelia is queen when it comes to her shoedrobe. Chunky is her preferred shoe type whether it’s mules, trainers or heels.

As her favourite shoe to theme with dresses is runners, these Calvin Klein chunky trainers will help you to ace the look.

Shop them here.


3. Simple jewellery


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She’s either wearing very simplistic jewels or none at all, that’s the definition of Amelia’s style and therefore, pretty easy to copy.

Copy her look here with these cute hoops from London brand Astrid & Miyu – shop here.

And there you have it, simple and chic.


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