Lady Gaga: “Sometimes A Girl Just Needs A Diet Coke And A Tanning Bed”

Lady Gaga just doled out some dangerous health advice to her fans, and we're not so happy about it.

Lady Gaga

Let’s get one thing straight; we’re usually be fans of the Mother Monster, but we reckon Lady Gaga’s latest comments are potentially harmful.

“Diet diet diets gluten free plant bio macro whatever. Sometimes a girl just needs a diet coke and a tanning bed,” she tweeted over the weekend.

Lady Gaga Tweet

We get it. The overall message of the tweet is a positive one, saying that you shouldn’t be a slave to a strict diet, but given that graphic photos of frequent tanner Tawny Willoughby’s skin cancer treatment went viral last week, we think her advice on tanning beds might be a tad ill-timed.

According to the World Health Organisation even one sunbed sesh can increase your risk of skin cancer by 67 per cent, and it’s reported that 850 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed in Ireland every single year.

The best way to reduce your risk? Getting your glow from a bottle is the safest way to tan, while using SPF30 will help to block out the sun’s harmful rays.