Lidl’s Light-Up Phone Case Is The Perfect Lumee Dupe And It’s €12.99

It's on sale today, so RUN.

Lumee-Illuminated-Cell-Phone-Case-1 (1)

Show us a shopper who says they haven’t been tempted by the Weekly Specials section at Lidl, and we’ll show you a liar.

The retailer is a go-to for budget groceries, but it also has some pretty deadly selection of clothes, household items and other non-food products on sale too, usually for damn cheap. The only catch, of course, is that the offers generally only run for a week. If the product is popular, they’ll sell out much faster than that, which explains why we’ve all gone to Lidl for bread and left with a ski jacket and an own-brand Nutribullet “because the offer ends TOMORROW”.

If you’re a fan of Lidl’s special offers, we’d recommend legging it to your local branch ASAP, because there’s a very cool product in store today: a light-up phone case that’s a solid Lumee dupe.

Lumee cases, which have an inbuilt LED light to make your selfies all glowy and subtly gorgeous, have skyrocketed in popularity since Kim Kardashian revealed she used one for her selfies. They retail at between €65 – €70 depending on where you purchase them.

kim lumee

Lidl’s version, on the other hand, retails at €12.99. YAAAAS.

The retailer announced via Twitter yesterday that the cases – available for Samsung S7E, S6E, S7, S6 and iPhone 5 & 6 – would be landing in stores today, December 8th. And while the photo above does show the price as €19.99, Lidl contacted to say it had been printed in error, and was in fact selling at the cheaper price.

Lidl’s not the first cut-price retailer to launch a Lumee dupe, however. Last month Aldi’s Specialbuys featured a €9.99 light-up case in rose gold, white and pink, which flew out the doors.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.41.37

Our advice? Feign sickness in work NOW and leg it over to Lidl. But don’t say we told you that…