Need To Get Foundation Out Of Clothing? Use This €2.99 Male Beauty Product (Honestly!)

Tried, tested and works like a DREAM.

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Whether you ended up with foundation tidemarks all around the neck of your new white tee (again) or managed to squirt a giant blob of MAC Studio Fix on your duvet cover, you’ll know the pain of trying to get foundation out of fabric.

As with every cleaning dilemma, there’s a fix for foundation spills which involves a random household item. Except – unlike with some so-called ‘hacks’ – this one actually works.

Various beauty bloggers have championed the use of men’s shaving cream or foam to remove foundation from fabrics. Yep, Gillette, Nivea, whatever he’s having. The clarifying nature of the foam works a treat in breaking down the oils in liquid make-up, unlike water which simply serves to move the foundation around.

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If you don’t believe us, just look:

And again:

One caveat: this is no quick fix. You’ll need to spend at least five or ten minutes rubbing the foam into the stain, before rinsing and repeating. But within ten or fifteen minutes you should find that most of the stain is completely gone. If some product remains, you can use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to lift it further, but in most cases this won’t be necessary.

So there you have it! Another excuse to raid your boyfriend’s/brother’s/male housemate’s bathroom cabinet.


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