Mrs. Hinch’s Hack For Cleaning Your Beauty Blenders Is A Game Changer TBH

Cya baby shampoo

Ahh cleaning make-up brushes, the bane of every beauty lover’s existence. We put it off for as long as we can but there’s just no dodging that pesky task.

Cue Mrs. Hinch. We’re all hooked on her cleaning hacks, our kitchen sinks are shining, we’ve created our very own ‘Narnia’ (If you know, you know) and now? Well, she’s only gone and made cleaning our beauty blenders a doddle.

Sharing possibly her best hack yet with her 3.1 million followers, Sophie showed us how to clean our beauty blenders with just a sock and hair bobble.


So, you can try the hack out for yourself you just need to take a stray sock (we all have a few don’t lie), put your beauty blenders inside and tie it up with a hairband to secure it. Then, pop it inside your washing machine with your wash load.

Et voila, clean beauty blenders and not a bit of elbow grease in sight!

If you’re unsure if this actually does the trick, just check out Sophie’s before and after pictures – the proof is indeed in the pudding!


We’ll be trying this one out asap.


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