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STELLAR PROMOTION: Get your skin back on track with a little help from the ‘youth berry’!


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With more time spent indoors, hours staring back at our own faces on Zoom meetings, and wearing face masks every time we head outside – it’s no wonder that many of us have struggled with skincare issues over the past few months.

So if you’re suffering from skin that looks parched, dull or shows symptoms of stress like redness, inflammation, sensitivity and fine lines, it’s time to focus on self-care and get your skin healthy and glowing again.

Enter the antioxidant power of the Ziaja Acai Berry Skincare range – face care products that can help your complexion make a comeback and appear brighter, clearer and healthier. The star ingredient is açai berry, nicknamed the ‘youth berry’ or ‘beauty berry’. Naturally occurring in the Amazonian rainforests of northern Brazil, it’s known for its remarkable antioxidant properties which combat everything from UV radiation to ‘tech neck’ – sagging skin and wrinkles caused by looking at our screens all day. It’s also loaded with skin loving nutrients like Omega 3, 6 and 9, and contains vitamins A, C and E which help skin regenerate and combat sun damage.

Working alongside the acai berry is hesperidin, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties – meaning improved blood microcirculation and skin tone, not to mention reduced swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Beta-glucan polysaccharide from oat grains regenerates the skin and is known for its healing and soothing properties. Skincare favourite hyaluronic acid is also in the mix, visibly improving elasticity, resilience and smoothness of the skin. Other supporting active ingredients include B5 (D-panthenol), canola oil, vitamin E and shea butter.

Our Top Picks:

Acai Berry Express Face and Neck Serum (anti tech neck effect) €5.99/50ml: a supercharged antioxidant rescue serum that gives an instant glow to sensitive, tired, dull skin and treats against the tech neck effect.

Acai Berry Face Toner Spray with Hyaluronic Acid €4.50/200ml: a lightweight spray mist that instantly tones, moisturises and protects your skin against pollution and premature ageing.

Acai Berry Day Cream SPF10 €5.99/50ml: provides a daily defence barrier for your complexion in the urban environment against UV aggression, free radicals and pollution.

Acai Berry Overnight Face & Neck Smoothing Mask (anti tech neck effect) €0.79/7ml: detoxifying and regenerating face mask enriched with acai berry to instantly improve the look of dull, tired skin and recover its original suppleness.

Acai Berry Satin Body Mousse Moisturising (anti tech neck effect) €6.99/200ml air-light moisturising body mousse offering a unique sensory experience while it smooths and softens the skin of the neck and body.


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