No Botox? No Problem! Here’s Some Filler Alternatives

Pain free and a fraction of the price

2020 was the year of DIY beauty. The closure of salons and clinics worldwide saw people cutting their own hair, dyeing brows, waxing their bits and God only knows what else. But the one positive that came from the lockdown madness was that many of us realised we can actually do some of the rituals we shell out for just as well ourselves, even if the first rounds of results are dodgy AF.

However, some sorely missed beauty treatments were cancelled and indefinitely delayed (roll on May 10th), with one being Botox sessions. The results are powerful and instant, with your body breaking down the resin as time goes by and for many women it’s a saving grace and a confidence boost.

But with restrictions still in place for another little while, it could have another few weeks or even months to wait for our next botox appointment. Or, maybe the more relaxed way of living has made you want to ditch the filler and opt for a different approach when it comes to your beauty regime. For those of us who are afraid of pain or wish to use a cheaper approach to tackling their fine lines, here are some alternatives to defying those dastardly sands of time. Here’s some of our faves:

Gua Sha Stone

Beauty Bay €11.50

If you’ve time on your hands and wish to save the pennies and do the work yourself, Gua Sha is your answer. Based on ancient rituals, performing certain stretches on your face with a Gua Sha stone is known for increasing blood flow to the face, draining the pent up lymph nodes and pulling out those set in lines that can be etched into your face over time.

From getting into Gua Sha during the first lockdown, not only did my skin look lifted and glowy for the short time I dedicated to working on it, my sinuses and tight headachey eyebrows felt free and relaxed, which would instantly soothe me.

Shane Cooper Oxygenation Mask €101

Loved by Lily Allen, Jessie Ware, Maya Jama, Rita Ora – even Niall Horan! This mask works by giving your face an oxygen bath to plump it and iron out any fine lines. Ingredients such as liposomal encapsulated oxygen combined with vitamin E provides intense hydration and moisture that lasts and promotes elasticity. A fresh face can reportedly be found in just under six minutes… quicker than your toast popping!

Facial Acupuncture – Amanda Nordell Acupuncture one session €100 

Tropical Popical’s beauty sage Andrea Horan swears by facial acupuncturist Amanda Nordell and if her abundant youth is anything to go by, sign us right up! Amanda offers cosmetic facial acupuncture among other facial treatments, she says:

“All the facials are combined with acupuncture – so an inside our approach – if you feel better in balance, sleeping, digestion, stress, energy – of course you will look better. We get at the root cause as well as the symptoms – so for the face the symptoms can be acne, rosacea, sagging and fine lines and wrinkles.”

Kiehls Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate €59 

Featuring geranium essential oil and micro-filtered yeast extract, this serum is said to give that tight, snatched look a Real Housewife has at a reunion. Steam distilled geranium essential oil aids firming skin and provides antioxidant protection while yeast extract works to help visibly lift skin. The concentrate tightens while minimising enlarged pores on the face, and helps redefine the appearance of facial contours – happy days!

Image Max Wrinkle Smoother – Image €98

This serum combines a wrinkle-fighting peptide, high-tech polymer and plant stem cell technology to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. The peptide targets wrinkle formation pathways to support a strong defense against upper facial lines.

The formula activates key ingredients on contact with your skin to smooth facial creases. The serum is also designed with a transparent lifting polymer that creates a smoothing effect on wrinkles, including sweet iris plant stem cells to help restore firmness to skin.

Words By Rebecca Keane 



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