On The Latest Episode Of The Glow Up, We Talk Foundations With Simone Scribes

We could talk about foundations forever. And this proves it.

After our glorious season opener with only the legend that is Marian Fecking Keyes, we are well and truly back in the swing of things here at The Glow Up.

This fortnight, Vicki and Valerie are joined by beauty and skincare blogger Simone Scribes, owner of one of the most gorgeous Instagram accounts on the go right now.

Simone chats to us about her beauty background, that amazing foundation collection of hers (there is LOTS of foundation talk, very exciting), and of course, her desert island products. AND she brought us tins of rosé, because she’s exactly our kind of gal.

As always, we’re delighted to be sponsored by Penneys – can you believe it’s their 50th birthday this year? Our onetime podcast guest Suzanne Jackson is currently modelling their AW19 collection in stores nationwide in honour of the occasion.

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