& Other Stories Launches Laundry Products As Part Of Sustainable Campaign

Making sure the clothes you love stand the test of time!

To coincide with Earth Day, April 22, & Other Stories has launched a new campaign centred around the environment, our carbon footprint and caring for the clothes we already have and love. 

Designing clothes with the intention that the items you purchase will become a part of your long-lasting wardrobe, to live with you and grow with you, & Other Stories knows that proper product care is key when it comes to sustainable garments. 

And with that in mind, as part of their new Green Week campaign, the Swedish retailer has launched two new oat-based laundry formulas, with clothing sustainability and longevity in mind. 

– Biodegradable Detergent: Like two products in one, it both cleanses and conditions laundry. It is very efficient at stain removal without compromising the conditioning effect. It has a quick-dry effect, shortening the drying time, even for tricky pieces like a down jacket. The detergent also strengthens the fibres of a fabric, giving your garments a longer life.

– Fabric Spray: A versatile biodegradable refresher, you can use it proactively to prevent bad odour and to prevent a product from becoming really dirty. It works on all garments; training clothes, shoes, and virtually any material in your home. It can also be used to take away static, works as a crease release, and makes for great ironing water.

As part of the Green Week campaign and to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the brand has also developed a romantic summer collection from the LA Atelier made with sustainably sourced organic cotton. 

We cannot wait to check it all out.

Retailers across the globe are getting involved in Earth Day this year, an important initiative that looks at mobilising the world to take the most meaningful actions and make a difference.

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