Our Favourite ‘Workwear’ Picks Right Now

Spoiler: It's actually loungewear

It’s day number – we don’t even know of self-isolation.

Many of us have been working from home for the past week or so, and are just beginning to get into the swing of a ‘work routine’, which may or may not include watching The Chase and eating biscuits for 8 hours straight, but that’s neither here nor there.

Amid the bad TV and biscuits, we’ve also come to learn that appropriate clothing is needed because PJ’s with food stains all over them just isn’t cutting it anymore.

It’s time to invest in some ‘workwear’ aka loungewear, and since we’ve been trolling the wonderful web for new bits to add to our virtual baskets we thought we’d do the decent thing and share our finds with you.

Bubble Pink Sweatpants And Jumper – Urban Outfitters – €49/€55

Stone Elastic Waist Joggers – Topshop – €40

Fluffy Knit Button Front Shorts Lounge Set – Boohoo – €49

Oversize Tee – Monki – €15

Printed Pyjama Style Trouser – Zara – €39.99

Conscious Sweatshirt and shorts – H&M – €14.99 each