Our Top Tips To Care For Your Hair This Winter

I'm a survivor (of cold winters while having long hair…but still).


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While we all love autumn and winter, they can wreak havoc where our beauty routine is concerned. Yep, the colder months aren’t particularly nice, especially to our hair.

They tend to leave it dry and damaged or messed up from all the hats. Luckily we’ve figured out the best tips and tricks to save your gruaig this season.

Silk, Silk, SILK 

The benefits of silk products for the hair are immeasurable. It’s a gentle fabric and less abrasive for your hair, meaning less damage and tangling.

Silk products are a good idea all year round but especially when it’s colder, and your hair is more vulnerable. The main products to focus on are pillowcases and hair ties.


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Oil it up

So the extremely simplified low down on hair oils; basically, there are two types, penetrating and sealing. Penetrating oils nourish your hair and work sort of like a hair mask. Sealing oils coat your hair and protect it. They are lighter and can be used every day. Both are great, and you can even find products that mix the two for optimal results.

Sealing oils are a little more useful in the cold due to the protection they offer. Simply put a few drops of oil in your hand and work it through the lengths and end of your hair. This will seal any split ends you have and stop further damage.

This Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Strengthening Treatment Oil is a great option. Shop here.

Pay attention to your hats 

Hat hair is a real thing we all know about, and you’re about to know how to fix it. Avoid wearing extremely tight hats, bejewelled or studded details are just gonna stuck in your hair, so leave them behind, take your hair off as carefully as possible if there are decorative features, and remember what we said about silk?

It’s a good idea to look for a hat with a silk panel on the inside or get one sewn into a hat you already own, as abrasive fabrics against your scalp for a long time can cause damage.

Opt for cooler water 

As the weather gets colder, the shower water gets warmer. It’s a fact of life. But heat damages your hair, including hot water. Now we’re not saying to take ice baths or anything.

Maybe just try turning the temperature down a few degrees or keeping your hair positioned away from the hot water.

Treat yourself to a mask

It’s important to keep your hair hydrated as the cold settles in, and nothing offers more hydration than a deep conditioner. Adding some moisture will stop your hair from becoming brittle in the cold and being damaged. The Garnier Ultimate Blends Plumping Hair Food Watermelon 3-in-1 Fine Hair Mask Treatment is a great option. Shop here.


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Words by Sláine McKenna 

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