People Are Now Dyeing That Zara Dress To Stand Out From The Polka-Dot Crowd

BRB, going out to buy some royal blue dye.

Unless you’ve been in hiding, you’ll know that Zara’s polka-dot dress is probably the most popular piece of clothing of the year.

The white dress covered in dainty black polka dots can be seen on women all over Ireland and the UK, who are styling it up in different ways.It’s become so popular that it’s even got its own Instagram account @Hot4TheSpot which has over a hundred pics of the women wearing the dress.

Of course, we adore the dress and can totally see why it’s proving to be so popular. It’s flattering, it’s versatile and it’s pretty affordable at only €50.

But the problem with something being so popular is that you end up wearing the same outfit as someone else at a party, as seen on the Instagram account.


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Just the classic ‘how many of you turned up to work in the same dress?’ to start your hump day @moo

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Or you and your friend show up to brunch wearing it, or, you just get a bit sick of seeing it everywhere.

Luckily, there are some creative resourceful women out there who have found a way to change it up a bit.

Bloggers and Instagram users are now sharing photos of the dress after they’ve died it to make it look totally different.

Swipe to see what Olivia of Clothesmyboyfriendhates added to make it even more unique.

Claire Coupland from Ayorkshiregirltravels went will a forest green, which will be fab for Autumn/Winter.


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Gail Buckie aka Mumforce went for a gorgeous teal.

Then there’s a gorgeous ruby red from Instagram user @sarah_bacchus.


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There are also gals doing for pale pinks and lilacs, a brilliant bright yellows.

Now that this dress can be dyed, it’s literally going to be around forever!


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