People Are Obsessing Over This Scandi Hairline Trend

It's too cute!

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New hair trend alert! And this time it’s all about taking inspiration from Scandinavian blondies.

The ‘Scandi hairline’ describes when a person has a super fair, white blonde hairline. It creates a subtle brightening effect around the face, which makes for a very youthful and sun kissed look.

Some describe it as looking like a halo – how adorable?!

@monika_mua_ Scandinavian Hairline trend 👀 had to give this a go hehe @Denise Phillips @Megan Mc Keown Hair nailed it 🥵 #scandinavianhairline #scandihair #blondehair #trendinghairstyle #hairtransformation ♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

So, how can you achieve this Nordic goddess vibe?

All you have to do is dye your hairline a clear, white blonde. If you’re a redhead or a brunette, you can still take part in the trend, but instead of going full Scandi you might opt for a shade that’s just a few tones lighter than your overall hair colour.

This will give the impression that you’ve been sitting out in the sun catching rays all day!

@quecolour no-bleach scandi hairline technique #fyp #naturalbrunette #haircolourist ♬ Belong to You – Sabrina Claudio

It’s best to get a professional to take care of a Scandi hairline, because you have to be precise and you don’t want to mess around with bleach so close to your eyes.

Your hairdresser will dye just the baby hairs that are growing along the top of your forehead and down to your ears.


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It’s a super subtle way to add radiance around your face, and bring some light with you into the colder months!

We’re sold.