People Are Taking The Piss Out Of These Gucci Bags That Look Like Something From The €2 Shop

Is it not just a rubber laundry basket?

From the ubiquitous GG belts to the admittedly gorgeous Marmont handbags, Gucci is the cool brand of the moment.

But have they made a bit of a misstep with this new tote from the spring 2018 collection?

Now, we’re saying ‘tote’ with a pinch of salt, because this is basically a fancier version of the rubber laundry baskets you can get in the €2 shop. You know, these things?

The only difference is that the Gucci tote costs all of €750. *gags*

via Gucci

Some choice comments from the Instagram post:

It looks like the $2 bags for collecting dirt! So sad Gucci

I’ve honestly looked everywhere for a nice laundry basket – this is what I’ve been searching for

Finally, a laundry basket that suits Gucci clothes

Don’t know about you, but we’ll probably just stick to EuroGiant?