People Are Unable For These ‘Thong Style’ Trousers On ASOS

"Sisqo who? ASOS really said Let me see that thong"

We’re only delighted to see that the 90s/00s style is making a comeback, sure we wrote all about why it’s so great here, but what we didn’t expect was for the low rise/ thong on show element of the early noughties to creep it’s way back into fashion too.

Kicking things off in style (?) Asos seem to be planning a return of the thong trend, dropping a range of trousers which are both very cool and normal, and the internet has some strong feelings about them.

Called ‘thong back trousers’ they’re pretty much exactly what you could imagine in your head – trousers which from the front look like your average pair, but in the back show the tippy top of your bumcheeks, with a piece of inbuilt material protecting your modest area.

The trousers come in two different styles, your standard denim and black croc leather à la Ross Geller, but we’re sure if these go on to be a success we can see the collection expanding – bermuda shorts, camo trousers – the world is our thong trouser oyster!

Getting wind (no pun intended) of the new trousers, social media is rightly so having an absolute meltdown at the chaos Asos is putting out into the universe, here’s some of our faves.





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