People Are Using Actual Lube As Makeup Primer On TikTok, And Here’s What A Dermatologist Has To Say About The Trend

I'm calling it, TikTok trends are going too far.

I love a beauty trend as much as the next gal, but there are certainly a few that I just won’t dabble in – no matter how good I hear they are. Take the latest beauty ‘hack’ trending all over TikTok for example, using lube as a makeup primer. Yep, actual lube.

Everywhere, everywhere people are pulling out a bottle of lube to apply it on camera, before continuing with their regular makeup. Beauty guru Huda Kattan did it back in 2016, but she hasn’t been spotted doing it since.

While TikTok user Lukáš Kohutek has also been at it for quite some time, and his makeup always appears to be flawless. If you’re curious, you can check it out in action here. The trend has quickly spread, with over 8.6 million views on the hashtag #LubePrimer.

But how does it pan out for your skin?


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According to skincare fanatic Hyram Yarbro, better known as @SkincareByHyram, it’s actually not “too shabby”, and the ingredients are similar to those you find in “most skincare products”. Hyram duetted another TikTok tutorial of the lube primer to share his thoughts, but also constantly states that he’s not actually a qualified dermatologist.

But Senior Aesthetician, Aimee Piper, revealed to Glamour that it may not be the best thing to be using as a primer. That because of its thick consistency, it can easily lead to blocked pores, breakouts and more.

“Silicones and oil-based products can be suffocating to the skin layer. This means that if you have oilier skin or an active lifestyle where sweating is regular, you are suppressing the sweat out of the skin, causing bacteria and dirt to build up.”

Yeah, I’ll stick to my regular old makeup primer for its intended use, thanks.