Playing Around With Make-Up At Home? Here’s Some Beauty Bits To Get You Excited

Plus lots of inspo!

We’re not mentioning the ‘C’ word, no, we’re banning it. 

So, as we’re all aware we’re stuck at home for, ahem, reasons, and many make-up lovers have been finding solace in their hobby, creating out-of-this-world make-up looks. 


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From Laura Whitmore to Katie Jane Hughes, people from every walk of life have been taking to the gram’ to display the gorge looks they’ve been creating at home, because well, what else is there to bloody do?!


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We’ve spotted a clear theme emerging with the make-up looks everyone has been creating, and that’s colour!

We’ve seen some stunning blown out pink smokey eyes, and bold graphic liners to beat the band, and it’s only been one week of isolation, where will be at in three weeks’ time? Qualified MUAs I reckon.



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Are we coming out of our smokey-brown-eye shells and suddenly finding confidence in knowing that we won’t actually be leaving the house with a bright green graphic eye, maybe. And is it making this whole ‘the world is ending’ process easier? Definitely. 

So, with that in mind, here are some colourful bits to invest in, so you can carry on keeping the world entertained with your outrageous looks. Who run the world?? (It’s us, it’s girls)

Bperfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette – €46.95

Calypso Nine Eyeshadow Palette – €29

Colourslide Mustard Pencil – €15

Wired Palette – €42

Colour Xpert Eyeliner Metallic White – €9.99