Redheads Rejoice: Glossier Have Added An Auburn Shade To Their Cult Product ‘Boy Brow’

Love that for us.


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Trust me when I say, I know the trials and tribulations of being a redhead. I’m a natural redhead, and although I enjoy a darker brow – I feel for the gals and guys who struggle finding the perfect brow product to suit lighter, red-toned eyebrows. It’s not easy.

But now, Glossier has answered many prayers, and have added a new shade range to their cult product ‘Boy Brow’, love that for us.

Glossier always seems to make a big effort in catering for all types of make-up loves, with a white boy-brow in their line-up and a big shade range when it comes to their skin tint products – but they have most certainly been missing a mark for a number of years not including red-heads in their eyebrow product, to the dismay of some of their biggest fans.


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One of these fans included famous redhead, Emma Stone, who tweeted them recently saying: “I’m dying to try Boy Brow but I have red hair! any chance of getting an Auburn shade sometime soon?”

Letting the world know that Emma’s prayers have finally been answered, the brand shared the tweet on their Instagram last night, with their product launching today.

Now adding the shade ‘Auburn’ to their line up, Glossier’s Boy Brow is a brushable creamy wax that sets your brows in place, filling in any sparse areas and making them appear thicker and fuller.

Literally, music to my ears. Speaking of stunning brow products, from haircare, skincare and everything in between, here are the latest products that deserve a whole lot of love.


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