Retro Flame’s Erika Fox Reveals Why She Halted Her First Product Launch

'... that mixed with fear made me stop the whole thing!'


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Influencer Erika Fox took to Instagram last night for a Q&A session while she remains under lockdown in New York City.

A place she has lived in for the past couple of years with her boyfriend, Tommy and sister, Kaelin, Erika spoke about the current situation in NYC and why she is happy she made the decision to stay put and not travel home to Ireland.

Speaking about her current thoughts on everything from the coronavirus to blogging in general, Erika also spoke about a new product she had planned to launch but halted production after she “chickened out”.

After receiving more questions on her hair, Erika explained that she actually once created a curler but unfortunately, never went ahead with the launch.

Explaining her reason in detail, the Kerry native revealed that she spent “months researching manufacturers, designing how it would look, testing samples”, however, felt too overwhelmed with work at that time and so, decided to pull out of further movement and not bring the product into the market.


Erika, as to be expected, was then inundated with comments of support as well as pleads to reconsider bringing out the product.

She noted that she has “no plans to get working on it again” but did add that you never know, in time she might decide to give it another go.

Speaking about the reaction to her story, Erika said:

“Your response & dms has been the nicest reminder of what an amazing community I have on here.”