Rihanna Has Revealed Her ‘Going Out Out’ Makeup Routine, And We’re Gonna Copy It This Weekend

Will it make us look like her? We can but try.

We know that Rihanna is super involved in the creation and production of her Fenty Beauty products, however it’s still reassuring to see that she’s able to use her products and still do her own makeup.

In a video for Vogue, Rihanna talks us through her ten minute guide to ‘going out’ makeup where she lets us in on some very handy tips. Seeing this has made us wish she had her own YouTube channel!

The first step of her makeup routine is to apply 2-3 drops of her Fenty foundation to her hand and then apply to her face using the Fenty beauty sponge (which we LOVE, btw).

She then contours her face using the Fenty contour stick in the shade mocha, applying it to the hollows of her cheeks, forehead, nose and jaw. One of her tips is to blend your contour into your hairline so you’re not left with a distinct white line between your forehead and hairline. She blends her contour using a brush and also recommends to contour your chin/neck in a V-shape to elongate the neck.

Next, she starts to conceal. “Warming up” one of her concealer sticks on the back of her hand, Rihanna applies the concealer under her eyes and blends with a small beauty blender to cover her “bags, dark circles, hangovers and bad decisions”. She also uses the concealer to highlight her nose and brow bone.

After concealing, Rihanna sets her face with her Fenty Beauty pressed powder and then bronzes the areas she’s contoured already.

She uses the same bronzer to warm up her eyes, and then, using a product from her Beach, Please! Fenty collection (our first glimpse at some new products coming down the line), creates a pinky “summer” eye.

Using the same palette as the eyes, she then applies a generous amount of blush to the cheeks and highlights her cheekbones, nose and brow bones using the same brush. Look at that GLOW!

With a Fenty glitter she gives her eyes some “oomph” by highlighting the inner corner.

After doing her brows and lashes off camera (rude) she applies a gorge gold/pink lip gloss to her lips.

Lastly, Rihanna applies her new Fenty body lava to her shoulders and chest. The inspiration behind this product stemmed from her trips home to the Caribbean where she would make her own body shimmers with oils and eyeshadow pigments.

She makes it look so easy, so why don’t we look like this when we use Fenty products?! Watch the full makeup tutorial below.


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