Runny Eyes And Red Nose Ruining Your Look? Here Are The Best Beauty Tips For Hay Fever Sufferers

It IS possible to look flawless when the pollen strikes.

A hay fever sufferer’s nightmare

So if you’re like some of us here at STELLAR and suffer with hay fever, you’ll know the struggle to keep makeup on your face is real – these hay fever beauty hacks will keep your red nose hidden and your mascara from streaming.

 1. Pollen count

Once you’ve finished your morning Insta scroll, hop straight on over to Google and see what the count for the day is. If it’s low/green, then you know you’re good to go all out with a full face but if it’s anywhere between orange and red… that bold winged eyeliner might have to stay at home. We love this tracker from


Okay, so this one might sound a bit gross but trust us, Vaseline is about to become your new BFF. Smearing a bit of Vaseline inside each nostril helps to ease any pain, but it also catches pollen and prevents it from sneaking up into your nasal passages. Use this before you apply your makeup and also keep a little tin in your bag to pop on during the day. Hashtag no more runny nose!

3. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Sometimes no matter how high the pollen count is outside, you just gotta wear eye makeup! So it’s no surprise that this liner is on our list, as it’s a product that literally does what it says on the tin. If it will stay in place after a car crash, then gals you best believe it is going to survive hay fever eyes. Combine this with a waterproof mascara and your peepers will be ready to face the pollen.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are Quay (see what we did there!) for beating hay fever. Ideally, wrap-around sunglasses are the ones for really ensuring your eyes avoid any itching or watering, but if you’re like us and choose fashion over comfort, going for wide cat-eye sunglasses is the stylish alternative. The bigger the lens, the harder it is for pollen to sneak its way into your eyes, which means you won’t be left a puffy mess. Whether it’s windy, rainy or sunny outside, all that matters is how high that pollen count is.

5. Go bare faced

@SamanthaMcMillin_Stylist nominated me to join the #WOKEUPTHISWAYchallenge — to help support the journey back to realness…and I accepted! No filter, no makeup, no hair product (except what was left from yesterday’s shoot—ha!). I now nominate @cturlington, @helenachristensen, and @gailelliottofficial. PLEASE READ BELOW ✨ • • • Repost @ashleypweston: Social media is a powerful tool where you’re in charge of WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/HOW you want to present yourself to the world. And of course we all want to present perfection – who doesn’t love a good filter?? But why do we think posting our authentic, real self is somehow not ❤️-able enough? It’s time to wake up. Your true YOU is ??????!!! Today I stand here with @iamfashionlaine & @ladygaga’s @btwfoundation to support the #WokeUpThisWayChallenge & bring some realness back to social media. And now I’m asking YOU to be part of this challenge too and bring awareness and spread this much-needed conversation around the world. Let’s unite and do this altogether! . 1️⃣. Post a photo of yourself how you look when you wake up in the morning (no hair done, no makeup, no filter!!) with the hashtag #WokeUpThisWayChallenge and talk about how you’re spreading the message to bring realness back to social media . 2️⃣. Tag 3 (or more!) friends to challenge them next to post a morning photo . 3️⃣. If you aren't ready to share your unfiltered morning selfie, instead donate money to @ladygaga’s @btwfoundationwhich is committed to promoting the wellness of young people and inspiring them to create a kinder, braver world.

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When the pollen count is at 150, you know you’re about to spend all day sneezing and your eyes are going to become puffballs. So on days like this sometimes it’s best to just stick with your antihistamines and eye drops and let your face breathe. BUT, if the thought of going out without any muck on your faces gives you the heebie-jeebies, then don’t fret! A CC cream will help colour correct any hay fever blemishes while also restoring your natural glow – combine it with a clear mascara and you’ve achieved that ‘no makeup-makeup’ look.

Chin up, hay fever friends! It’ll all be over soon. Hopefully…


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