Scalp Care Is The New Hair Care – Here’s Why

How taking care of our scalp can give you the best hair ever.

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Just over a year ago, I began taking care of my scalp. Before that, I barely even realised I had one. If can’t see it, it’s not my problem. I wanted healthy hair, so I fussed over the ends. Conditioning masks, hair oils, you name it, and sure, it helped my dry and frazzled ends somewhat, but it wasn’t until I started to focus on scalp care that a lightbulb went off in my head.

Healthy hair can’t grow from an unhealthy scalp.The hair that grows from our head is already dead, so we need to make sure it’s growing from the best environment possible for it to be in good condition. Things like dry, flaky hair, or hair that never feels really clean, no matter how much you wash it, could both indicate scalp issues.

Thankfully, information around scalp care is gaining traction, searches online are up 300% in the last year, and hashtags like #scalpcheck and#scalptreatment have emerged on social media. Scalp and haircare expert Suzanne Strain-Wilshaw explains: “A healthy scalp will lead to healthier, stronger new hair growth. Our scalp ages like the skin on our face, so using products to keep it healthy and prevent signs of ageing is a great place to start.”

Simply showing your head some love by massaging can make a difference. “Massage your scalp with your fingers 1-2 times a day to stimulate the scalp,” says Suzanne, “This helps with blood flow, which in turn boosts your hair follicles, kicking them into action.” You can also take a soft bristle brush and run it over your scalp as well as the rest of your hair. If you want to step things up a little, you can incorporate a hair treatment designed specifically for scalp care and rebalancing. This can vary depending on your hair and scalp type.

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Figuring out what you want from your treatment is key. If you have a dry scalp, applying a nourishing oil once or twice a week can help to pack in moisture. Suzanne adds: “You can use a scalp oil the night before you wash your hair. This will promote hydration and is amazing for anti-ageing.” If you’re on the oily side, a clarifying treatment can work wonders to unclog hair follicles. Similarly to how we exfoliate the skin on our face, we should do the same for the scalp to remove any buildup.

There are two methods for this: a physical ora chemical exfoliant. There are tonnes on the market at so it’s all about discovering what’s best for you. Exfoliating your scalp should only be done around once a week to avoid irritation. If you’re somewhere in the middle like me, you can alternate an exfoliating and oil treatment once or twice a week too. If you’re determined to dial up your hair care routine, you can look at other factors.

Using products such as microfibre towels and a silk pillowcase can help to protect and promote healthy hair. Addressing your diet and lifestyle could also be considered. Hydrating yourself from within by drinking water can moisturise your scalp, and incorporating the right foods such as leafy greens, nuts, fish, and berries can boost your hair with nutrients.

Of course, adding scalp care to your already jam-packed day isn’t always doable. But if like me, you’ve felt that your hair isn’t at its full potential, then it’s worth considering.

Slowly over the course of a year, I’ve seen baby hairs sprouting up in places they’d never been before, making my hair fuller and thicker. My scalp seems happier and has a lot more lift, particularly at the roots. By simply taking care of my scalp I have my strongest, healthiest hair yet, and I can’t gatekeep what I’ve learned anymore.