Selena Gomez’s New Undercut Is The Way Forward For Gals With Super-Thick Hair

Believe us, it's worth it.

Selena Gomez’s hair has been going through a lot lately – first she cut it into a bob, then she went platinum blonde in just a day, then back to brown, and now, she’s shaved a bit of it.

In a post on Instagram yesterday, the singer revealed that the hair at the base of her neck has been shaved into an undercut:

Always need a subtle change. @puma Germany family time ? grateful for the welcome!

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And I have to say, as a fellow undercut-haver: Welcome to the club, Selena! Isn’t it wonderful?

I have very thick hair – the type of hair that compels hairdressers to say “God you have LOADS of it” every time I visit a salon. Most of the cutting that’s done on an average trip to the hairdresser consists of ‘taking the weight out’ of my chin-length bob, and there’s still so much of it left on my head.

A few pals had gotten undercuts to manage their lions’ manes and, with a trip to hot and sticky Southeast Asia coming up and a very warranted dislike of ‘sweaty neck’ , I decided to take the plunge. Yes, it was very scary when the clippers started up and the hair began falling away. Yes, the breeze on the back of my neck felt really weird the first time I tied it up. But I can’t tell you how much having an undercut has changed the game for me.

My neck was fresh as a daisy (mostly) in Asia, and my hair is much more manageable in between cuts. It’s almost a year later and I have no intention of letting it go. Plus, a freshly-buzzed undercut is perhaps one of the nicest feelings in the world.

So to the thick-haired girls of the world, I say: Undercuts are the way forward. Trust me (and Selena).


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