Should You Freeze Your Beauty Blender For A Flawless Base?

Another TikTok trend that the beauty community just can't get enough of.


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If I wanted to, I could sit here and write about TikTok trends all day long. Not that I want to, or not that you’d enjoy reading it – but just because there’s been that many. Especially in the beauty world, we’ve even had people using actual lube as makeup primer, so few things are surprising us now. Although, saying that, this latest trend certainly raises some eyebrows.

According to TikTok, freezing your beauty blender is now a thing. It’s said to make the beauty blender effective, as well as giving a gorge cooling effect on your skin.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes using a beauty blender just isn’t worth the effort for me. While I like the finish, the thoughts of having to go dampen it before use brings out the lazy gal in me even further. So keeping it in the freezer just seems like a step too far.

@gwmakeup For a smooth & flawless finish try this!โœจ #viral #makeuphack #beautyblender #foundationhack โ™ฌ som original – ๐’ˆ๐’“๐’–๐’๐’ˆ๐’†.๐Ÿ–ค

It seems like the trend itself started with a viral video from Canadian TikTok user @gwmakeup aka Ghazal W, you can see her running the beauty blender under the tap, as you do, before popping it into the freezer for an hour. Looking at Ghazal’s finished look, it seems like it gave her a FLAWLESS base.

Plenty of people *ran* to try it out for themselves, including beauty guru Briana Pelaez, who shared that it applied her foundation a whole lot smoother. Although, on the other side, TikToker Amelia Olivia said it felt really nice against her skin, but left the foundation looking cakey. Not a good look.

Is it worth the hour in the freezer? Or best kept handy at your beauty bag?


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