Sick Of Fake Tan All Over Your Clothes And Sheets? Try This Simple Hack

Picture this: You’ve tanned fabulously, you look like a golden evenly-tanned Goddess and pair it with the perfect outfit that you adore and head out the door.

Only the next morning you find that you’ve covered your sheets in brown marks that look like something a lot more sinister. And that’s not all! You pick your gorgeous outfit from the night before up off the floor only to find tan marks all over that too!

Not feeling like such a goddess now, eh?

But we have good news for you: If you love being tanned but hate the sight of fake tan tinted bedsheets and PJs, we have the perfect hack for you.

With the temperatures set to heat up this weekend, it is safe to say that many Irish ladies will be reaching for the trusty bottles of tan before we don our favourite sundresses, and we don’t want the above to happen again, so we’ll share a solution with you!

Baby powder could be your new hero product when you learn how simply you can use it to avoid this mess!

All you have to do is brush a small amount of baby powder over your fake tan ten minutes after applying. And that’s it!

This will stop your tan from transferring onto your bedsheets and clothes.

One quick layer seems to do the trick, and we only wish we knew this hack sooner!

Give it a go for yourself, you can thank us later!


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